As a woman of color raising 2 children, education on diversity is key on all levels.

  • Provide a program that will deepen our communities' understanding of the systemic, racist institution that has affected Black, Indigenous People of color (BIPOC)

  • To address systemic and other forms of racism and discrimination in the HRCE curriculum

  • To amplify the voices of BIPOC

  • To develop a basis to allow a way to move forward as an ally in the struggle

Accessibility 3.png


  • Splash pad at the Cole Harbour Common-This has already been identified in the HRM Long Term Aquatic Strategy - I will work to ensure this commitment is followed through

  • Advocate to Halifax Regional Center for Education to utilize more school gymnasiums for sports that require them

  • Adding a couple accessible swings at school and city playgrounds to offer more inclusion in our common spaces

  • Collaborate with Cole Harbour-Kiwanis to install a wheelchair accessible mat at Morris Lake Beach

  • Develop more care services outside of the home for families who have children with special needs to be utilized especially when HRCE facilities are closed



  • Continuing to support and promote the current plan for secondary suites

  • Reduce the number of residents living in Long Term Care facilities prematurely

  • Build more affordable units and stop rent gouging



  • Seek to improve crosstown connections - Express bus for commuters in the areas of Cherrybrook, Lake Loon, Montague, Ross Road and Westphal to get into Dartmouth via Highway #7

  • Bus service down Bissett Rd




As a mother this is extremely important to me.

  • Addressing and actioning the many requests for street calming measures - common requests include Auburn Drive, Caldwell Road, Delta Drive, Grenadier Drive, Hillsboro Drive, John Stewart Drive, Lundy Lane

  • Making sidewalks safer for pedestrians for complete streets

  • Ensuring the Caldwell Road Redesign, already in the planning stage, is carried out and meets the needs for traffic volume

  • Collaborate with the public to address effective options to some major traffic congestion areas, such as Bissett Road and Cole Harbour Road / Broom Road and Highway 7 / Forrest Hills Parkway, Cole Harbour Road and Colby Drive

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